Fun filled days

The last few days have been a hasty race against time to take enough photos for the 2011 National Geographic photography scholarship. I’ve been running around my favourite places in Brisbane, New Farm Park and Maisie Dixon Park in Wishart, trying to capture my admiration and show the world why these places are close to my heart.

It’s also a chance to show my readers the hidden gems in Brisbane that may sometimes be overlooked or simply forgotten. I can’t say that this city is somewhere I’ve held a close relationship to, but being afflicted with heartwarming nostalgia while revisiting my treasured places has made me appreciate my backyard a little more.

Akin to your run of the mill headless chook, I was zipping around in an attempt to catch all my photos in the best light – dusk. There’s something romantic about the atmosphere at this time of day as the harsh light softens to create a natural airbrush, birds come out to frolic and for an ephemeral 20 minutes, the world just seems serene. It’s nice to see that beauty can still be captured in the most mundane moments of quotidian life. Here are some photos from the last few days, including my entry for the scholarship.

Let’s start at my favourite place in the whole of Brisbane – New Farm Park. Jacaranda trees are absolutely iconic to this park as they have lined the roads here and soaked the park in a sea of lilac for over 20 years. The tragic deaths of some eight jacarandas a few years ago from disease came as a shock to the community. Today, numerous local artists are constantly exhibiting works inspired by the trees.

My scholarship entry takes the reader on a journey from New Farm Park to sleepy suburbia, where a hidden oasis (a small section of Bulimba Creek) can be found at Maisie Dixon Park. I have been coming to this mini waterfall and open parkland since childhood and have seen it grow from a rock crossing to the Jorgensen Bridge it is today. It is an absolutely beautiful place that transports you to an entirely different world free from powerlines, traffic lights, car horns and sirens.

It’s hard to believe that just behind the trees are thousands of houses, just seconds walk away.

Today, the grassland behind my model has been demolished to make way for sewerage works in the area. The bulldozers and concrete mixers are hideous eyesores.

Lorikeets dislike being snuck up on greatly whilst they are feeding. I sneakily shot this through my fly screen.