I know, I know, Obsession is your power

What a week! It still isn’t over yet, with Village News deadline approaching next Thursday and upcoming Chanel work over the Christmas period. But all busy bees have some short moments to spare, and this wanderer really needs to catch you up on all the fabulous things that have been happening recently.

I recently got accepted into The Good Guide flock and should be blogging for them in the next few weeks, sharing all my expertise about where to go to keep yourself amused in this tiny city. It was a shock when I discovered that the ‘Queen Pigeon’ was a woman I wrote a story on years ago for Village News.

I’ve been continuing my food odyssey and can’t wait to share with you all the scrumptious feeds I’ve filled up on.

Last but not least, I ran into my beautiful girlfriend Kelly Taylor from Skiddae last night at Obsession Auction Evening, hosted by my wife Lexi Wittke. I was so happy the two finally met because now they will be collaborating together on the next Obsession show, increasing their exposure together and soon, I am sure, they will reach the dream of running their labels full time.

Here are some photos from the night.

Amazing and painstakingly handmade Evelyn Curtis bangles. Featuring wrapped ribbon and pearls, these bangles were too cute to boot. The thin light one with the bow is now at home with me.

Cooper Jane neckpieces. Gorrgg!

Auction time! This one of a kind garment was made just for the show. At a sale price of $120 (I think!), this Tara Zeims dress was an absolute steal.

A very lucky lady walked away with this Zara McKenna dress, which retails for $279 for under $100. Bargain!

Lexi’s gorgeous corset with hand sewn jewels and matching panties went for a fabulous $85.

My absolute favourite dress of the night was a piece plucked by the girls from Cooper Jane in New York. It was worth a hefty $400, but only went for $250. I was considering selling my soul for this beautiful dress, but alas common sense came over me.