Memory of the day

San Juan Chamula, Mexico. May 2011.

While in the region of Chiapas, I thought a two hour horse ride (for only $15!) would be fun. It wasn’t, as my derriere was in pain for the following two weeks, but some more fondly remembered moments was when we stopped by this remote little village called San Juan Chamula. The trance music playing in the zocalo was highly surprising to me, but it was vastly more grassroots than the nearby tourist hub of San Cristobal de las Casas.

The women, most of whom were in their amazing traditional dress, here were lining up to receive their welfare payments, apparently handed out every month, from the government. The Chiapas region had reportedly (and quite palpably) been suffering from high rates of poverty and the federal government had only recently started the scheme.

Horsing around.