A wanderer in flight

It’s happened! My first chirp as a Good Guide pigeon has been laid on the website’s blog. Some exciting things have been taking the guide in a new direction for the past few months, which could potentially open more doors for my writing career.

I recently flew to the West End Twilight Markets on assignment to have a nosey at the merchandise and I was thoroughly impressed with the goods.

Those of you who have kept up to date with my blog know how much a fan of markets I am, so I am thrilled to have been sent there. The space was relatively small but was bursting with artisanal love – something I look for over mass produced and inferior quality second hand goods. Everything was made and sourced with such high calibre and range, I was gobsmacked. I will definitely be returning when I’m in need of more bounty.

The markets are on every Saturday, 4-9pm on the corner of Wilson and Boundary Streets, West End. If lost, follow the wafting coffee scent to find your destination.

Meanwhile, you can read my post here

Enthralling. Truly.


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