Valentine’s Special – The Flirty First Date

Here’s date #2 of The Good Guide’s Valentine’s Special. Following on from the Picnic In The Park segment (I know it’s in the wrong order…), is the magical flirty first date: the date that ends two separate journeys, well hopefully anyway. Where you’re still a little shy and a little naive…

We shot this at the Brisbane Powerhouse – the venue is not only a photographer’s paradise but an iconic part of Brisbane. It’s an ever popular location for shooting because of the sunlight that hits the bricks during sunset around the beautiful regal setting.

Yen wears Zara McKenna – Rose Girl Next Door Frock $289.95 from We Live Like This and jewellery from Skiddae and can be found at Stone and Metal

Will wears I Love Ugly shirt $91.00 + Grand Scheme – Twill Washed Pant in Burgandy $99.99 from Black Anchor Collective


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