One wanderer + Brisbane markets = :)

You might be wondering if I’ve recently been afflicted with a case of market madness, but the truth is that I have always suffered it, or more correctly, enjoyed its rambunctious effects on me. What can I say? I’m a slave to those creative artisans with talents beyond my wildest abilities and how can I resist anyone who wants to offer me gorgeous, fresh eats, bread, cheese and truss tomatoes? But I promise this will be the last market post, I swear! At least for a few weeks anyway… I mean, why stop when I’ve already started a series?

The greatest thing about the South Bank Young Designers Markets (on first Sunday of every month) is that it gives emerging designers a chance to showcase their wares and gain exposure to the outside world. As opposed to a normal farmers market or flea market, the stall holders are cherry picked from a selection pool to maintain a particularly high standard. Needless to say, you’ll always find something high quality here that was crafted with passion and unadulterated artistic flare ranging from cloth to accessories and original artworks.

Speaking of artistic flare, how cute are those food pendants? I go completely bonkers for cutesy things like that and while I would never wear them myself, I’ll never tire of admiring them. Just a quick ‘food pendant’ search on Etsy comes up with over 2000 hits. Huurah! You’ll know what I’ll be doing for the next two hours.

Pictured here are the talented designs of Evelyn Curtis, hand-sewn owls from Sisterhood Sewing, Mishee Moo gifts for mums and bubs and a forgotten stall name for the food pendants 😦 forgive me.

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