So in case you had feared it, I wanted to clarify that I am still alive and kicking after my 30 hour journey from Brisbane to Aix en Provence. I barely slept a wink the whole journey but I’m a bad ass and sleep is just a plain waste of time when I could be wandering the aisles of duty free in search of bargains. Which I found and rightly put my credit card to good use, by the way.

My right shoulder has decided to tighten itself into a billion knots, effectively raising the muscles about 2cm, as a hissy fit to my carrying on it a 10kg backpack while there was already a 12kg rucksack on my back (brings a whole new meaning to ‘my lady lumps’).

After a much needed gasbag at her apartment, Diane and I enjoyed a cosy dinner at Chez Nine (according to her the best Italian restaurant in Aix), where I indulged myself in some truffle-cream fettucine and with hers, a seafood medley. I think I looked like a complete idiot with a giant scarf around my neck trundling around in 7 degree cold, which to me feels like subzero, but the cherry Kriek smoothed any agitations I felt. Tomorrow marks the official start of a shoe-shopping marathon so stay tuned for some PROPER photos this time. EEP! It’s begun!


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