Gastronomy Wednesday: Frittata at the hands of a Sicilian language student

I often talk about how my mother makes incredible food… especially eggs. Or everything actually.

She’s the type of mother who magically makes fluffy scrambled eggs without milk or cream, the type who never rips the yolk when frying an egg.

But when I tasted my host Peppe’s home-made frittata in Palermo, it trumped every single omelette and frittata my mother has ever made. The unbelievable thing was that his recipe was so simple.

Just eggs, salt, pepper…

…fried onion and eggplant.

All the ingredients, including a freshly baked baguette, cost 3 euros and we ate until we were almost bursting.

I have tried to replicate the same recipe, but the flavour and sweetness of the eggplant from Sicily has been unmatched. Guess I have no choice but to go back there.


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