First world problems, youthful days in Brisbane and the like

I’ve recently been contemplating moving to a new country in search of greener pastures. Granted, this plan was always in the books but I’ve only dug a little deeper and begun making Visa inquiries and conducting feasibility studies.

As a few opportunities have come up for me, I’ve yet again been gripped with indecision (and possibly/very rightly fear of failure).

Oh, it’s such a hard life deciding where to spend my money.

Since discovering the beauty and wonderment of Malta, I had my heart set on venturing off to the tiny little island in hopes of tapping my writing and photography skills into the niche nightlife market. Malta seemed the perfect starting point to building a life in Europe.

It is an English speaking country.
It lies right near Italy and France; airfares are cheap. I can improve my French and also develop my fledgling Italian, opening up doors for the future.
The cost of living is affordable for a struggling graduate journalist, so it will be easy to get settled
It is easy to get around without a car.
From what I can gather, there is a great support network for expats.

And who doesn’t want to wake up to this every day?

An opportunity, and ridiculously cheap airfares, has come up for me to travel to Lima for at least one month this August. It is a little sudden and quite impulsive, but I can’t help but wonder if this will be the big travel dream I’ve been wanting for years.

I’ve often complained about Brisbane and its bubble-like formation sucking people into its abyss. Okay, so maybe those words were a little strong, but up until recently, I felt I had gained everything I needed from this city. I love writing for Village News and the fledgling career I’ve set up in the peninsula, but my adventurous little heart just wants more.

Then, I met my beautiful friends through Couchsurfing.

I fail to remember that it’s only been one month since the , but when you see a group of the same people that you’ve formed a great relationship with at least two to three times a week, it feels like you’ve known them a lifetime.

And now, I feel a tugging at my heartstrings. I know I can’t stay here on account of them, but feeling that sense of belonging had been a foreign mystery to me.

I don’t know where I’m going with this profession to the world about how lost I feel with life. The only thing I know is that I want my words to define how people know and see me wherever my wanderlust ends up taking me in the world.

Nothing beats that feeling of experiencing something entirely new and surreal as when I’m on the road. I’ve rarely felt as happy as when I’m just seeing and meeting people for the very first time.

So this fork is just a first world problem I’d really love to solve. Any suggestions?

Lima or Malta… or both?


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