Tall Ships Change People

It’s been little over a week since I’ve been back from my voyage on the Young Endeavour, but I’m still on the road so my posts have been a little slack. It’s quite refreshing to be away again after so long– so far my journey has taken me up and down the east coast of Australia with random strangers, travellers, drivers and the like.

I am still processing my feelings from the voyage as it really was not what I expected, but I feel an overwhelming source of exhaustion that can only be cured with time alone – an indulgence I have not had to relish in since we berthed nearly 10 days ago.

Currently, I am in Airlie Beach soaking up the sunshine that has crept in since the 25 knot winds have died down and my (very expensive) week in Cairns drew to an end.

A full report of my voyage is coming soon, but for now, please enjoy these ones I’ve prepared earlier.


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