Feeling significant at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival

Year after year, I look forward to August as it not only mark the welcoming of spring, but also the rumbling of sewing machines, the clack clack of high heels and the excited creak of a marquee being set up. Yes, I’m talking about fashion week season and the sixth annual Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, hosted by Treasury Casino and Hotel sounded like an absolute treat.

Last year, I was mingling amongst the nation’s fashion elite, such as Damien Woolnough and Kirstie Clements, fashion editor and editor in chief of Vogue Australia, so who knew who I would rub shoulders with this year?

Let me preface this by saying that I have been attending the festival every year for the past six years and I’ve never felt as important as I did that night. I consider myself lucky to have been down every avenue, from helping backstage to ushering and finally reporting on the special event. I’ve had photos taken with my favourite fashion people, mingled with Brisbane’s finest fashion elites, but this year was the first time I’ve ever sat within the first two rows.

Opening night started off on a bad foot, due to “technical” issues resulting in both shows from Fortitude Valley designers Easton Pearson and Paul Hunt being postponed… sadly I had already wore my best outfit for the evening, and couldn’t possibly wear it again. And thus, my Malene Birger jacket, Easton Pearson dress and Miu Miu shoe ensemble disappeared without notice.

Oh but how the wait was worth it when I finally re-emerged for the Mercedes Benz Group Show with Lydia and Pamela from Easton Pearson in my 50’s jump suit and Miu Miu booties!

Yet again they succeeded in wowing audiences with their vibrant, spring collection. Those familiar balloon smocks, exotic and playful prints exploded on the runway with a splash of oranges, reds and greens.

The clashing prints from the emerald tank top trimmed with colourful pom poms and sequins paired with the straight floor length orange skirt with a bold, floral print was clever, sleek and quintessentially Easton Pearson. Block colours seemed truly in vogue this collection, with several chequered and floral two pieces showcased in red, yellow and brown.

The colour trend flowed over to the Brisbane Arcade Group Show, with renowned label Tengdahl adding a more classical touch to the use of silk and pom poms.

copyright Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival 2012

copyright Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival 2012

After having been in the fashion industry for over a decade, Julie Tengdahl shows no sign of wear. A bright assortment of sorbet coloured lace tunics, pencil skirts, silk scarves and light jackets paraded past, adding a touch of elegance to summer night dreams, while the lemon jumpsuit with matching pom pom trimmed scarf conjured fantasies of long hot days by the sea, sipping on banana milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches.

copyright Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival 2012

Hard to believe it’s been so many years (I’m only in my 20’s and I already feel old) but the most exciting show I have been looking forward to all year is coming in my next post. Please stay tuned! I’m almost 100% moved into my new place, so I will soon be filling you in on all the fabulous things that I’ve been up to lately.


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