Gastronomy Wednesday: Winning Appliances International Food Carnival: Sweet Icons of the World

last week‘s amazing food photos from the Winning Appliances International Food Carnival focused on savoury treats but that doesn’t nearly come close to one of my favourite ingredients: sugar.


The ingenuity of some of these wonders was just unbelievable. I appreciated the time and effort put in in order to make immediately recognisable and well loved international icons.

It was impressive to see the Winnings team coming up with such quirky concepts to match their events. Not only were they beautifully present they tasted incredible as well.

My favourite was the pavlova beach but here is a montage of some of my favourites. I can’t help imagining what a dessert stand representing Macchu Picchu would have looked like?

Scone Henge

Leaning Tower of Lemon Meringue
leaning tower of lemon meringue

Pavlova beach I loved so much I took two photos


Tart Mahal – GENIUS!

Hollywood Boulevard Cupcakes


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