2013, the year of…

If only our mothers had all the answers to our life questions. When will I be happy? When will I achieve my goals?

I’m not usually one for resolutions because we make them by obligation rather than choice. We think that because it’s a new year, our lives must therefore be new too. We must change.

As I creep closer to my 23rd birthday, it dawned on me that maybe I should be making more of an effort to change the things I am dissatisfied with instead of waiting for a new year or a new opportunity. Why not do it now?

It’s easy to lose sight of where we want to go or be as our best possible selves in the zephyr of our quotidian lives.

I have a feeling that these next few years will be the best few ever, and here’s why: looking back on the last four months, there has been a monumental shift from how I lived my life previously, my lifelong goals are slowly coming to fruition – albeit slowly – one at a time.

Accept responsibility for my shortcomings.
Whether I was blaming my parents, my employer, my friends, I always laid blame on others for not teaching me something or causing me unhappiness. Young Endeavour played a major role in allowing me to accept responsibility for my shortcomings and become acutely aware of how to change them.

Learning not to fall helps in life.

Learning not to fall helps in life.

Live an active lifestyle.
I am still an amateur, but I am becoming a stronger climber now and I feel myself becoming more energetic (and dare I say happier) everyday because of my muscly body transformation.

If you knew me before, you would know this was a MAJOR FEAT as I was most likely the biggest couch potato known to man. Moving out has helped me find my independence and own rhythm to the life I want to live.

Do what I love.
Writing and travel: the banes of my existence. I’ve been awol for the last few months but my dream to become a full time writer thrives just as fervently.

No longer being able to withstand having three jobs, I realised it was important to enjoy what I spend most of my life doing. I finally have a job at Chanel, the ultimate house of luxury I’ve been vying for a position for years and write for a magazine in an area I am the biggest advocate for. I can’t wait to see how the my travels this year will inspire me.

Returning from our business trip for Chanel!

Returning from our business trip for Chanel!

Stop planning.
Something I’m still working on, but this year I’ve become more determined to stop acting so incredulous to the future. Learning to live in the present has been the first tentative step to being happy.

Living life (literally) on the edge..

Living life (literally) on the edge..

Make meaningful connections.
Couchsurfing changed absolutely everything for me and now I’m surrounded by people I can constantly learn from and adore.

Being exposed to foreigners from different corners of the globe has altered my perspective on how to live and act.

These are the faces of meaningful connections

These are the faces of meaningful connections

This year is not about making promises to myself. This year is just going to be about not merely existing, but living and the rest will surely come.


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