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Travel Map
I’ve been to 46 cities in 19 countries
Egypt: Al Uqsur
Egypt: Aswan
Egypt: Cairo
Thailand: Bangkok
Thailand: Ko Tao
Central America
Belize: Caye Corker
Costa Rica: San Jose
Honduras: San Pedro Sula
Honduras: Utila
Nicaragua: Managua
Panama: David
Panama: Panama
Belgium: Gent
Belgium: Sint-Niklaas
Czech Republic: Prague
France: Brest
France: Paris
France: Rennes
Netherlands: Amsterdam
Netherlands: Zandvoort
Spain: Barcelona
Spain: Ibiza
United Kingdom: Brighton
United Kingdom: London
North America
Canada: Montreal
Mexico: Merida
Mexico: Mexico City
United States: Boston
United States: Los Angeles
United States: San Diego
Australia: Adelaide
Australia: Brisbane
Australia: Kangaroo Island
Australia: Melbourne
Australia: Perth
Australia: Sydney
Fiji: Nandi

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Current city: Brisbane, Australia
My, my we have had quite the journey, haven’t we? Let’s look back at all the places I’ve visited since hopping on the jetplane.

Travelled since 29 April 2011:
Los Angeles, America
Panama City, Panama
Chiriqui, Panama
David, Panama
San Jose, Costa Rica
Managua, Nicaragua
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Utila, Honduras
Belize City, Belize
Caye Caulker, Belize
Merida, Mexico
San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico
Madrid, Spain
Cairo, Egypt
Aswan, Egypt
Luxor, Egypt
Dahab, Egypt
Gent, Belgium
Sint Niklaas, Belgium
Antwerp, Belgium
Zandvoort, Netherlands
Paris, France
Rennes, France
Brest, France
Aix-En-Provence, France
Prague, Czech Republic
Ibiza, Spain
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
London, United Kingdom
Brighton, United Kingdom

Aix-en-Provence, France for the second time!
San Gwann, Malta
Sliema, Malta
Catania, Sicily, Italy
Palermo, Sicily, Italy


3 thoughts on “Track me

  1. I’m rooting for you Vanessa (to use the American meaning not the Australian one). I will be across your itinerary as often as possible, i.e. every day. Thinking of you, excited for you, happy for you. Take plenty of photos for me and don’t forget to get yourself in a good percentage of them.

    And one more thing or maybe two, if you’re tempted to buy those little luxurious things you will often see, get a grip on yourself and say “No!” Your backpack can’t fit them in – perhaps the only disadvantage if any, of you being diminutive – that sounds better than “short’ don’t you think? Anyway, I love you the way you are – can’t imagine you being a basketball-playing freak! Don’t change Vanessa and I know you will break many hearts as you fleetingly come in and out of your soon-t0- meet Latino and other foreign male lives. No, don’t let them trick you with overt feelings of love. Give them the chance to turn up at your front door in Brisbane if they are genuine – been there done that eh!
    Love, Uncle Dick – in the same hemisphere as you now.

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