My goal is to become a nomad like the travellers I follow fervently with great envy. Sometimes, my conviction to travel isn’t strong enough to overcome my lifelong dream of building my career as a journalist. But I made a start in April 2011 by doing my first solo voyage around the world. You can reminisce over the memories with me below while I continue to wander and wonder everywhere.

– I have been back for almost a year now but I stated that I would go on fostering my wanderlust. Since returning, I’ve become more involved in my community and frequented establishments more akin to the person I want to become. Here, you will find numerous posts about food and lifestyle, events I’ve attended, restaurants I adore and various trips outside of Brisbane.

CENTRAL AMERICA I have said it again and again – to this day I am still in awe of how I survived for a month through Central America with only a guide and language book. Some of my most profound character-building experiences came from here.

Panama – the very start to my trip and my favourite Central American country. I braved psychotic monkeys outside my dorm in the jungle, experienced my first of many LOST episodes, tried to explain I needed to take a bus to said jungle to an eight year old boy, argued about Chagas disease with my Scrabble mates. I absolutely did not want to leave and will definitely be returning soon.

Belize – where I dove with stingrays, hammerheads, turtles and ate the most delicious cheap food.

HONDURAS– there who smells like garbage but is home to the world’s cheapest diving. I experienced MANY lost episodes here, including being stranded in the middle of nowhere, taking the wrong bus, almost missing my ferry. But the best bit of all was the $0.50c baleadas I had for lunch everyday.

MEXICO– where I began to wonder why I never travelled sooner. The beauty of San Cristobal de Las Casas blew me away, I became attached to my toy armadillo and I befriended a Frenchman whom I later stayed with in Paris and went travelling with to the west of France.


EGYPT – where I ran into Molly Meldrum at Philae Temple, got cheated out of buying shoes at the markets, pretended I had a body guard and a husband for a night with my hostel mates and fell in love with Zara.


BELGIUM– I am forced to spend a night wandering the streets of Gent in 10 degree cold with no warm clothes because I get locked out of my apartment, smoked weed for the first time, went crazy in Zara/H&M, ate serrano and drank Coke everyday during my entire stay.

FRANCE– my dreams lie here. Enjoyed some extremely happy days with my Couchsurfing hosts, got lost AGAIN but found my way back because of my leet French speaking skills, lots of tarte aux fraises, Miu Miu shoes, handsome, dreamy pilots and firefighters and a view from the air traffic controller tower at Marseille Airport. This was also where I realised I was walking on a fractured foot for three weeks.

CZECH REPUBLIC was a brief two night stay with girlfriends I met in Thailand last year. I managed to get egged and stopped by a police officer during that time, but I also watched the philharmonic and basked in the beautiful city, just as it was.

SPAIN– stayed in Ibiza for three nights and managed to spend only 40 euros, danced BACKSTAGE at PRIVILEGE with Roger Shah and his entourage, saw Jeffrey Sotirius aka Dash Berlin and Richard Durand in their swimmers. Also made crazy faces with my first Couchsurfing host from Netherlands in Palma de Mallorca.

MALTA – an unexpected paradise atop sky soaring cliffs, breathtaking Mediterranean views and the remnants of the Arab Uprising. Contrary to popular belief, this place is not a dump, despite its small size, but a hub for meeting other foreigners and building friendships

ITALY – time in Sicily is like time in another world outside of the rest of Italy. Rife with Mafia influence and beeping vespas, it’s not possible to visit Europe without experiencing Couchsurfing with Sicilians and bathing in the aura of mysterious Mt Etna


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