My Bucket List

I can’t wait to cross them off and I’m so excited about all the experiences I am yet to discover.

Go diving in on the outer Great Barrier Reef, Australia while staying on a $2000 liveaboard
Go diving in Palau, Micronesia
Hiking in the Daintree Rainforest, Queensland
Go swimming with whale sharks in Ningaloo Reef, Australia
See a platypus in its natural habitat at Flinders Ranges, South Australia
Catch a yabby in any freshwater creek
See the wildflowers in Monkey Mia, Western Australia
Make billy tea near my swag which has been set up next to a billabong
Own a swag
Watch the sunrise/set at Ayres Rock, Northern Territory
Visit Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory
Do at least one ‘Great Walk’ in South-East Queensland, Australia
Visit Whitehaven Beach, Queensland
Eat my way around Tasmania
Visit King Island, Tasmania
Eat a snow egg at Quay, New South Wales
Eat at Tetsuyas, New South Wales
Take a mudbath in New Zealand
Bungee jump in New Zealand
Stay in a bungalow and dive into the crystal clear waters beneath in Bora Bora
Do the Beqa Shark dive, Fiji
See orangutans in Borneo, Indonesia
Get to Annapurna base camp at Mt Everest, Nepal
Visit Tibet
Ride an elephant in Thailand

Go diving with hammerhead sharks in Ometepe, Nicaragua
Hike Concepcion, Nicaragua
Visit Granada, Nicaragua
Go diving in the Blue Hole, Belize
Hike the full ‘W’ circuit, ONLY camp and cook my own food in Torres del Paine, Chile
Hike the full circuit, ONLY camp and cook my own food in El Chalten, Chile
Climb Volcan Baru, Panama
Climb Macchu Picchu, Peru
Climb Huani Picchu, Peru
Make my own ceviche with a family in Peru
Visit the Salar de Atacama, Chile
Volunteer in a wildlife conservation park in the Amazon Rainforest
Feed a toucan
See a puma in real life (and survive)
Visit Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Take a bus in Panama City, Panama
Survive in Bogota, Colombia
See a hummingbird in its natural habitat

See the wildflowers in Sicily, Italy
Eat the most expensive cheese in France
See the Northern Lights
Take a thermal bath in Reykjavik, Iceland
Have a conversation with one of the old Sicilian men sitting on a bench in Catania, Italy
Visit 31 Rue Cambon, the Chanel headquarters in Paris, France
Buy something in 31 Rue Cambon, the Chanel headquarters in Paris, France

Go diving in the Red Sea anywhere in Egypt
Do a safari in Africa
Visit an oasis in Egypt
Visit Zanzibar, Africa

Hiking in Alaska
Visit the Rockies
Walk the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, Canada
Buy a pair of Manolos, Jimmy Choo and Louboutins in New York, America

Volunteer on an organic farm and eat the produce straight when it’s picked
Be able to speak French, Italian and Spanish fluently
Stay somewhere long enough to have to do a border run
Hold a monkey in my arms
Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant
Go diving with turtles
Go swimming with manta rays
Learn how to sail
Visit a penguin colony
Get my AFF certification and do a group jump
See an island with white sand and palm trees just like the pictures we drew as children
Buy an around-the-world airfare
Learn how to read a map


3 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. I may start stealing stuff from your bucket list….adore adore adore! When do you plan on hiking in Alaska? I’ll come with you and show you all the best places ;D

  2. I’m hoping by the time I get there you won’t be there because you will be jetsetting off to another corner of the globe living your big dreams 😀 … but after today I think I want to add ‘complete Kokoda Trail’ on there.. but maybe that’s a BIT far off lol

  3. Good point! I want to be traveling haha (: I actually haven’t been on Kokoda Trail, but I’ve met people who have – it sounds pretty great. (:

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